Aug 23, 2016

Lehigh County's History Lesson

Students of this blog know that I'm disappointed with the Lehigh County Commissioners, for their refusal to save Wehr's Dam from the  disingenuousness of the South Whitehall Commissioners. One of the current county commissioners is a former township commissioner, and you know that there is protocol. I was frustrated by the county's recent decision to spend $millions more on farmland preservation, while ignoring the historic dam. Now, the county commissioners are doubling down on history, and legally defending the county seal, in a lawsuit from a religious freedom group. At the end of the court cases, the defense will cost much more than it would have to save the dam. Countless thousands of people have visited the dam over the decades. How many people have come to visit and enjoy the county seal?

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george schaller said...

One of the truely magnificent destinations too see locally, butt not the destination point of design so it must go at all costs?