Jul 7, 2016

Papa and Junior Fritzgerald Try To Milk Lehigh County

If you believe that Pawlowski was color blind when he hired Joel Fritzgerald as police chief, you might as well stop reading this post now. I believe that skin color helped propel Mr. Fritzgerald to the top of Pawlowski's search list. I was at the NAACP candidate's night in 2005, when Pawlowski pledged to make city hall more representative of the city's demographics.

The Fritzgerald family had no issues with such affirmative action when senior was hired. They had no issue with favoritism or nepotism when junior was hired as a guard at Lehigh County Prison.

Junior is now suing Lehigh County for racial profiling,  because Jim Martin charged him after he pointed a gun at two detectives.  I'm not bothering to rehash details of the case, or the subsequent acquittal here on this post.   I understand that some may find my perspective on this situation offensive;  However, this blog is not meant to comfort.  Junior is lucky that the detectives didn't shoot him.


Jamie Kelton said...

Chief Fitzgerald left Allentown for Fort Worth Texas late last year, and I'm sure his son tagged along with him. Also junior likely has a job in Texas thanks to his daddy.

He needs to get on with his life and forget Pennsylvania, as we are trying to forget about this hotheaded child of the chief with a penchant for brandishing firearms in front of police officers. It could get him killed if he's not careful.

As I wrote elsewhere, he's lucky he got acquitted of the charges here. Now move on

Scott Armstrong said...

Just one Ed's the many poor choices to fill important city positions. How much longer must the city suffer?

george schaller said...

Scott, I will play media English proffessor to school board member graduate," Just one of edd's many many bad choices",as humptydumty of Allentown alias the penguinn?!