Jul 26, 2016

Allentown Parks Can Kill Your Dog

Poison Hemlock has invaded the riparian buffers along the creeks in Allentown Parks.  These buffers are to accommodate the Wildlands Conservancy,  which essentially dictates all park policy, except recreation, in both Allentown and South Whitehall.  I suppose now the Wildlands can add pet killer to their dam buster credentials.

Allentown has been trying to control the problem by high rough cutting in spots where they see the hemlock.  The real solution is to go back to the way the parks were designed, without riparian buffers.

Frankly, I haven't had much success in curtailing the Wildlands Conservancy's influence in these park decisions. So far,  we lost two small historic dams, and the iconic Wehr's Dam is soon to go. We lost the view and access to the creeks in the park system, around which the parks were designed, by Harry Trexler's landscape architect. I have succeeded in creating a public record of these losses, and I will continue to speak out against how our parks are being compromised.


Jamie Kelton said...

I am curious Mr Molovinski, what would the city do if someone took their brush mower and cut down the weeds that were allowed to grow next to Cedar Creek? Do you think that the police would be called and they would be hauled to jail for destruction of park property ?

They look like hell

michael molovinsky said...

jamie@8:54, when i organized digging out the Boat Landing in Lehigh Parkway, a high ranking police official came by. I believe that if not half the volunteers were women, we would have been stopped.

george schaller said...

Thank you for all your hard work! The designs of the circus are all plain to see, and you too could become a statistic as a naysayers! The implications of this matter is like the bodyslamm next to the former steak house location downtown! This too though could and would be taken too the next level and has been in the developmentalists advertisemental arena agenda failing designs!