May 13, 2016

The Magic Of Wehr's Dam

There is a magic place in the northwest corner of South Whitehall Township, called Wehr's Dam and Covered Bridge.  Because you can see watering flowing over a dam and under a covered bridge, people have been coming here for over 100 years.  Because it was a destination for so long, about 25 years ago the township created Covered Bridge Park, extending from that magic spot downstream, to Guth's Covered Bridge.   It now has become unfortunate that the dam lies in South Whitehall, because that township has become  politically disingenuous.  A series of uncontested elections has resulted in both arrogance of leadership, and outright cronyism.

Wednesday evening I approached the County Commissioners,  requesting that they adopt the dam, they already control it's partner in magic, the covered bridge.  Farmland Preservation has become the fashionable favor of the decade.  Lehigh County already designation $750,000 for that purpose, and has an additional $2million proposed for that end.  Farmland Preservation has its own page on the county website. At the bottom of the page it states;  Preserved farmland protects local scenery and promotes local tourism.  I suggest that the county acquire another acre,  encompassing the dam.  Although the parcel would be somewhat wetter than they normally seek, it easily surpasses their scenery and tourism criterion.

photocredit: K Mary Hess


Ray Nemeth Sr said...

What was the response from the County on the dam?

michael molovinsky said...

ray@6:16, there was some humor and insight in my presentation, which received some chuckles and nods, but not one comment or question. although the republican conservative faction of this commission is not inclined toward any additional expense, it is my hope that the combination of beauty and history register with these officials. i also do not underestimate the influence of the Wildlands, which has made the demolition of this dam their objective. many thousands of residents, for five generations, have made this place a destination. the commissioners of south whitehall have already sold their constituents down the river by creating the referendum, let us hope that the county commissioners have more integrity.

George Ruth said...

Republicans have no problem with 'spending' as long as it is for a proper role of government. I am hoping that they see historic preservation as such. Thankfully, since the South Parkland Youth Association had its supply building at Wehr's Dam for so many years many thousands of people have enjoyed the park who might otherwise never have gotten there. As we watch Lehigh County's largest city demolish its historic structures, including the mansions on west Hamilton St., let's hope our suburban leaders see the benefit of maintaining it's history.

Atown Assassin said...

I think we need more Mayor's like Sal Panto to see through the BS and send wildlands on their way. They didn't buy what they were selling and wanted to preserve Eastons historic dams. Two thumbs up to Sal and Council for doing what's best for Eastons residents.