May 4, 2016

Subsidizing Pawlowski's Water Deal

Readers of this blog may take the municipal news reports at face value, but I don't.  One of the reasons I write this blog is because I discovered, over my years of gadflying, is that the public is on a need to know basis.  Reports yesterday indicated that the Lehigh County Water Authority has to raise it's suburban rates because of aging infrastructure.  Some of their pipes are now 50 years old.  Actually, for a water system, they're a youngin.  Furthermore, most of their system is much newer.  What you will be actually doing is subsidizing the ill advised water lease from Allentown.

The water lease was a bad deal for both sides.  Bad for most of the Authority's customers for the reason stated above.  Bad for Allentown because that payoff by the Authority will be squandered, as opposed to being applied to Afflerbach's bad police pension deal.

So, we now have new bad deals to cope with old bad deals. What a surprise!


Dave said...

The water deal was a quick fix by Pawlowski to get out of the hole Afflerbach dug. It didn't really fix the problem, just put it off for several years.

Now, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Atown Assassin said...

Now the LCA has to deal with the lead in the drinking water. I guess the water deal isn't so great now.

george schaller said...

Did you also forget that current mayor was in another appointment at the CEDC for the Aftershock administration too?With your being a history buff your readers would think I'll of you for ommiting this fact too??

Atown Assassin said...

I haven't seen a headline lately about how great the water deal is. LCA got hoodwinked!!! Enjoy!!