May 26, 2016

Butz Offers Opportunity

Butz's are offering more than rental space, you have an opportunity to join in the revitalization of Allentown. Now, your opportunity will not be as lucrative as Butz's opportunity. Because of the NIZ, he can use your state income tax, and that of your employees, for his debt service on the building. Butz doesn't mention that in the promotional video, rather he talks about the time being right for their third phase. Actually, it's only right because the absurd NIZ legislation is an offer the family can't refuse, but the renting will be slow. To fill the previous two phases he had to call on his connections, placing both the County Visitor Center and the Chamber of Commerce as tenants. The new building even compromises the view and light for his existing building. I wish him well with the new space, but with Butz, Reilly and Jaindl having the same valley connections, the pickings are getting slimmer.

I would like to clarify for my readers that I have no ill will toward the Butz's,  Jaindl's or J. B. Reilly.  Although, my sure none of them have any use for me and this blog,  my issue with the NIZ is the law itself, not the people involved.  All the people I criticize as beneficiaries of the NIZ are otherwise contributing members of the community.  I don't even fault them for taking advantage of this subsidy on steroids.  I fault the excuse of a state government in Harrisburg,  where we could teach even New Jersey the tricks of the trade in corruption.

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