May 24, 2016

Blackboard Rumble In Allentown

School fights usually take place about a block from Allen, but this one is taking place behind the scenes  on Penn Street, with the Allentown School Board.  A molovinsky on allentown exclusive;  A simple majority of the school board wants to buy superintendent Russ Mayo's contract out, although he has only one year left to go on it.  Buying the contract out would complicate a replacement search, because better candidates are weary of superintendents being replaced for political reasons, and that would be the only conclusion one could reach about Mayo's departure.   Currently, five board members favor a buyout, while the other four feel that Mayo is being made a scapegoat for the discipline issues associated with the school district.

Apparently, Mayo has the confidence of the business community, as he was able to solicit substantial donations to fund the new district run charter school, Building 21.  Besides saving the buyout money, the board could probably attract better candidates for 2017-2018 year, without the stigma of having bought out two superintendents in a row.


Dave said...

Russ Mayo has been superintendent for about four years.

What positive changes has he made to the ASD that provides the children that attend with a saver environment and improved learning environment? Last I read the ASD still has the gangs and other malcontents in the schools. I believe the ratings of the district have shown no improvement either.

michael molovinsky said...

dave@6:46, what you're describing applies to most urban school districts, especially with a high poverty level. is the school board responding to recent articles in the paper about discipline with a knee-jerk, heads must roll, response?

Robert Trotner said...

From all I've seen, May had been an unmitigated disaster. Remember Ron Temalis an many other steps detrimental to the school district?

Elections have consequences. The recent school board election gave voters a referendum on Pawlowski and Mayo. They lost.With Mayo and Pawlowski in the rear view mirror Allentown would have hope for the future.

LVCI said...

Many moons ago one of my supervisors put my name in for promotion. Although well intended I told him to get my name the hell off the list of possible candidates ASAP. I explained to him I will be 100% responsible for my own actions, but absolutely refuse to take responsibility for 48 other workers who would work beneath me.

It's the same way I feel for the school superintendent who takes the fall for every student and teacher who gets out of line. It takes a special kind of person (no matter how much they are paid) to put up with this crap.

The legislators, parents, students and teachers make up what the school district has become. No one person is to blame nor can resolve the actions on the part of so many... I don't care if Christ himself were appointed.