Apr 28, 2016

Political Blogging In Allentown

Blogging in Allentown isn't as easy as it may seem. It requires rising early and usually having the post ready by 5:00AM. In the case of this blog, it is fueled by caffeine. molovinsky on allentown is a non-monetized political blog, also featuring local history and advocacy for the iconic park system. Although, the suburban turnout was large because of the presidential primary, the election reveals that locals are not so interested in state politics.  Someone with no experience or knowledge of state government can win a state rep nomination, by sending out four mailers. The candidate doesn't even have to know about the issues mentioned on his own mailers. While one candidate for United States Senator can literally walk across the state to meet and listen to the voters, someone else can win by simply having ads on television,  a few days before the election.  In the city itself, Pawlowski could still influence an election.  I suppose I should be grateful that at least I don't have to print this on paper, and deliver it to houses in the morning.


Scott Armstrong said...

Mike, have you lost weight?

Dave said...

I suspect if Ed Pawlowski were up for election this year, instead of 2017, he would be re-elected for an un-unprecedented forth consecutive term, such is the state of politics in Allentown.

(Dadonna and Fred Lewis had four terms, but not consecutive)

michael molovinsky said...

it's my preliminary understanding that the suburbs had good numbers on tuesdays, but that center city was sparse. i see the same come november. i don't foresee the minorities turning out for hillary, as they did for obama