Apr 21, 2016

Not Easy Blogging In Allentown

Yesterday, somebody called me an attention seeking blowhard. Someone else, commented on a very old post,.Molovinsky's twist of the facts. On facebook, Mayor In Limbo put a picture of the Lehigh Parkway wall being repointed. Truth is his neglect caused part of the wall to collapse, and my advocacy resulted in repairs being made at Fountain Park and Union Terrace. I've been called a naysayer by the best of them. I suppose their hubris makes those I scrutinize so outraged at my observations. Their outbursts toward me are personal, venomous and much more offensive than anything I write about their business or voting. I normally don't directly address those insults, and usually allow them the last word.  Probably being self-depreciating is an asset for me, in this endeavor that I call molovinsky on allentown. Perhaps, in the All American City of my youth, I would be a naysayer. However, in this era of self serving politicians, opportunists, and a newspaper which doesn't know if it wants to be journalistic or an advertising agency, I believe that I serve a public good, even if it's not universally appreciated.


LVCI said...

Tell me about it :-)

Annouymous Non-Creditable Coward

Scott Armstrong said...


The self serving powers that be in the city and their lackeys will do what they need to do to stifle the few who dare to act against them and/or speak the truth.

alfonso todd said...

We naysayers who go against the grain find truth has its own reward. Stay strong, MM, stay strong.

Alfonso Todd

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

America is great! Only in America can senior citizens at home, at their computer, in their underwear, voice their opinion, right or wrong, loved or hated. I like to read your blog, it is informative and relevant. If everyone likes what you say all the time, you will know that you have become irrelevant.

Monkey Momma said...

Your critics are often short sighted, and their assaults on you are really, in most cases, just sad defenses for themselves.

I did read the cryptic exchange yesterday in comments that resulted in the "attention seeking blowhard" accusation. I was sorry to see that, because it was rude and unnecessary. Even if comments were misleading about him and his business dealings, there are better ways to handle his (understandable) concern.

I do not know his business dealings well, so I don't know what to think about comments yesterday in terms of accuracy. But I do know that this blog has been an outstanding source of quality information about Allentown, past and present. There is no one in the valley that understands Allentown better than you, Mike. Your blog has served up the truth about this City and surrounding area in a way unmatched elsewhere. Calling you "attention seeking" reveals that this one particular critic does not understand you in the slightest. Being the messenger of the news is a tough job, and I've glad you've accepted it. Thanks for taking so many arrows in the name of truth.

George Ruth said...

I rarely read criticism of you that isn't obviously offered by someone with a vested interest in the Renaissance that Allentown is supposedly undergoing. If the ends justify the means then was slavery "OK" in the early history of America? After all it helped get this country up and running with low-cost labor which allowed for the expansion of the agriculture industry upon which we grew. Now, I don't believe slavery was 'ok' but I think the analogy might hold up.