Mar 29, 2016

The Bicycles Of Allentown

The limited showing of The Bicycles of Allentown has ended. It will return for another limited engagement this summer.


George Ruth said...

When will we at least be honest and call it what it is: recreation! Does the Transportation Study really believe we are talking about 'transportation?" These youngns' really do think we are just dying to be a European city.

Robert Burritsch said...

I'm not necessarily against bicyclists if they were to pay licensing and registration fees, which would go towards building maintaining their silly paths. But I think the real question is: even if such was the case, are there enough bicyclists to cover such costs? As you noted, they compose 1-2% of the population. Cost effective? I highly doubt it.


michael molovinsky said...

robert@11:56, you are welcome to resubmit this comment to the next post about wasting our tax dollars on bike studies, because this post is going to be taken down later today.