Mar 22, 2016

Done With Meetings, Mostly

I'm generally done with meetings, after 30 years of jostling against the windmills. I noticed that Saucon approved removing a local dam, after a campaign by The Wildlands Conservancy. They got the Pa. Fish and Boat, Pa. Dept. of Environment, etc. to sign on. It's a grant sharing cabal, not unlike the politicians who used to share girls on the Monkey Business Yacht.  Now, if that anaology suggests comtempt for all the players, it was well chosen. I still get off the sofa for local history. Last week, I offered a short notice lesson on the LVRR branch lines at a local coffee shop. I will continue to defend the WPA structures in the Allentown park system. Annoyed by the corruption in Harrisburg, I might  even still throw my hat in the ring as an independent for the 183rd District.  However, for the most part, I'll let this blog speak for me.  molovinsky on allentown will be 9 years old this coming May, which is 63  in blog life.

molovinsky on allentown will be shortly changing the comment policy. Anonymous comments, per se, will no longer be hosted. Commenters will be using or creating a Google/Blogger/Open ID. The identity need not be your real name, pseudonyms are permitted. The registration is with Google or such, and I have no access to the information provided.  It is my hope that regular contributors to this blog get such a registered handle, to both help elevate the dialogue here, and protect the integrity of their input.

photocredit: Mary Ellen Mark

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