Mar 31, 2016

A Critical Mass in Allentown

A group of cyclists meet in West Park and ride around Allentown. While they label their activity Critical Mass to bring attention to bicycles and bike safety in Allentown, they are also a critical mass in other ways. Allentown is trying desperately to integrate a diverse community. While the haves may live in the Strata Flats, most of the have nots live north of Linden Street. Meeting after meeting, and organization after organization, has yet to bring any real community benefit to the have nots, from over a  $billion dollars of development in the NIZ.  Although these cyclists cost the taxpayers nothing, their rides unite the different neighborhoods and demographics.  In real diversity, they had more success than the paid professionals have managed to achieve. Mostly millennials, many live in center city, and see Allentown as their Little Apple. I have met a couple of them, and if Allentown is to achieve any of the slogans paid for by City Hall, it will be by the efforts of such groups.

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