Feb 5, 2016

Before Corruption Tainted Allentown

It's becoming apparent that Chicago native Ed Pawlowski introduced a new level of corruption to Allentown. Going back to the Daddona and Heydt years there was certainly cronyism, but these native Allentonians always put the city first. Neither they or their predecessors had ambitions beyond being mayor of Allentown. Pawlowski, on the other hand, thought that he was a political sophisticate in a land of local yokels. He imported out of town subordinates, and tried to cultivate connections with outside king makers. One example of those ambitions was the ill fated Delta Thermo plant proposal. When he allowed council chambers to be overwhelmed with out of town union workers, he was showing his contempt for local opinion.

I have watched Allentown's iconic park system be abused and depreciated by outside priorities. Others have noticed mismanagement in other departments. Now is the time for those who have been silent to speak up. Now is the time for those of us who have spoken out, to do so much louder.


Rich Fegley said...

Yes! Now is the time to speak up, speak out and speak loudly!

If you still don't feel you can speak out, please consider speaking to the FBI directly.

Once this case becomes a RICO case, citizens can file civil suits against the criminals that harm them. Treble damages. Your attorney fees are paid by the Feds.

Please speak up.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Athough I was sielent about the parkway¿!($ The neglect has negated an insurable peril that should have restored the wall to its original splendor and original methods used when built¿!($
Now according to what I understood to be said as to the ReNue replacement it is going to be a lick-em stick-em renforced replacement¿!($ This tecniq has been proven to be inferior over the years of its use in the feild¿!)$ As for it looking as the walls original splendor all we can do is wait an see, and than there wil be the lasting aspect of a 20yr desposible build life¿!)$ These products a for the use in mild climates and are produced locally and the cheep chips factor weighs heavey on this replacement matter¿!($
With billions spent on white boxes built and exteriors going to be in need of maintenance a few years after completion¿!($
I know you will not put to print these words of personal knowledge and seeing the malfunctions and improper aplication not useing proper particulate to the lick-em stick mortor mix¿!)$
This is not a internet experiance of such products, fake does't go with reel, as different metals are not good to be used together either¿($
redd for Republican
petent pending

michael molovinsky said...

redd@8:05, if they are going to face a concrete wall with stones from the previous wall, i have no problem with that solution, and i'm perhaps the defacto WPA expert in the city. understand that the portion above the road grade is a barrier, but the portion unseen below, is actually a retaining wall for the roadbed. they used the same solution at union terrace when building the new union street bridge last year, and it looks fine. my hope is that they repoint the remaining portion of the original wall, so that more of it doesn't fail in the near future.