Jan 5, 2016

Julio Guridy Cries His Way To The Bank

                                                                       photo by molovinsky        
Julio Guridy, Allentown's current longest standing council member, lost the vice presidency of council last night. Last year he lost the presidency, which is the current backdoor to being mayor. With Pawlowski's pending baggage, this could well be the year that a council president moves up, via resignation. However, don't cry for Julio, once Allentown's rising star. About a decade ago, the Hispanic power brokers in Philadelphia got Julio appointed to the Joint Toll Bridge Commission, with which he has earned close to $100 grand a year ever since, for a no-show, nonsense job.

Julio's job and hundreds like it, really motivate me to get to Harrisburg and address that bed of corruption. There are dozens of commissions, with political plum no-show jobs, sucking $millions from the taxpayer.

I'm currently wrestling with an obstacle on my plan to run under the Republican banner. The window to gather Republican signatures is short, and being an outsider gives me no access to the party's organizational advantage.  Hopefully, some party members who recognize the voters mood will want someone unique on the ticket,  and step forward to help me with this hurdle.  One things for sure, nobody will be offering me a no-show commission job to be a good boy.


Dave said...

I have never understood what exactly these commissions do. A bridge over a river, or a highway should not require bureaucrats to manage the concrete, asphalt or the steel that they are made of.

We already have a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation that is responsible for the roads and bridges in the Commonwealth. The bridges that cross the Delaware River can be jointly administered by both DOTs without an extra layer of government to determine the center of the bridge is.

We also pay taxes to support PennDOT, and should not have to pay tolls on the Turnpike, which is nothing more than a divided highway, arguably more dangerous than modern Interstates with its 70 year old design.

This, of course, goes along with my belief that alcohol sales do not require the Commonwealth to be in the retail alcohol business either.

I hope that as a Republican representative, Mr Molovinsky, you also believe in the philosophy of smaller government by eliminating these tax wasting bureaucracies and reducing the level of spending in Harrisburg.

michael molovinsky said...

@6:51, yes, these commissions are very much bogus. in guridy's job, he is supposed to provide oversight to the professional municipal bond managers, already employed. guridy was never a professional bond manager, the closest he ever came was as an HR employee in a local bank.

there's not much will in harrisburg to do away with these plums, which have been handed out for a 100 years, by both democratic and republican administrations.

although i have a number of volunteers to collect signatures, i'm not convinced that i have enough to guarantee success in getting the necessary amount of signatures. I will not ask anybody to go door to door in frigid weather unless i muster enough help.

Anonymous said...

I think a particularly pertinent question is: what was Mr. Guridy's role in "Hispanics for a New Lehigh Valley" -- a PAC that contributed quite generously to Ed "Chicago Eddy" Pawlowski's many campaigns without bothering to attend to the legal formalities of filing campaign finance reports.

Mr. Guridy, what say you?

-Jeffrey Anthony

Anonymous said...

This commission job is a complete joke.

It is far past the time that this cities govt needs a good old fashioned enema.
don't be shocked to see this guys name come up soon with the NIZ issues and he knows that . Please keep exposing frauds like this guy and the fraud known as Schlossberg. And people wonder why the keep hearing , it is time to take back the country....it is guys like these two that make it very difficult to trust anyone in govt from any one of the parties.
Time to expose the money trail for these two frauds. Guys like these two despise those who campaign for smaller more efficient govt. as long as we have big govt candidates/crooks, we will have continual waste , fraud and more corruption. the NIZ is a perfect example as to why govt needs to stay the hell out of private business.