Jan 20, 2016

Allentown City Council's Faux Redemption

Tonight, Allentown City Council will vote unanimously for Ed Pawlowski to resign, or as Daryl Hendricks concedes, commit political suicide. Although, it might be a public demonstration for redemption, we who watched the rubber stamps in action for so long are not impressed. Only two weeks ago, Candida Affa was still publicly expressing support for Pawlowski.

A more valid test for redemption will occur at the next meeting, when council chooses the new controller. Two of the candidates, Jeff Glazier and Erlinda Aguiar are confirmed Pawlowskites, and benefited from his association.

For those students of political science interested in Allentown's fall from grace, only this blog has the whole story, starting a decade ago, when The Morning Call and Allentown thought that Pawlowski could walk on water.


Anonymous said...

Jeff is a nice guy but has a long history of accommodating the powers that be. Not a desirable quality for a controller. Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Too late!
Too late!!!
Drain the swamp. They all must go.
Every last one.

Anonymous said...

What's stunning to me is Affa's comment in today's MC article:

"If he wants to fight the good fight, God bless him and go ahead, but we don't want to see any more victims like Mary Ellen [Koval]," Affa said.

VICTIMS like Mary Ellen?

I don't know what seems worse - Affa's apparent lack of comprehension of our criminal justice system or her failure to understand who the real victims are.

Koval has admitted her guilt. That makes her the criminal, not the VICTIM. As for who the real victims are, how about the city residents who Koval was supposed to be representing and protecting from this kind of abuse?

That Affa, now an elected official herself, doesn't seem to understand who elected officials owe their allegiance to is appalling.

From her comment, I can only conclude that she is only concerned about more people who hitched themselves to the Mayor being implicated. Perhaps it's even an attempt at self-preservation.

Dave said...

What matters is the evidence presented by the FBI to the U.S. Attorney at the Justice Department. Then when the indictments are issued, we will know what Ed's malfeasance is.

This is premature. A CYA vote. It doesn't mean anything.

michael molovinsky said...

@6:41, candida served the mayor's agenda on a least two boards he appointed her to, and the reason that she was encouraged to run for city council. roger maclean is the only council member untainted.

dave@7:20, two people have already pleaded guilty to crimes at pawlowski's bequest. further comments speculating on his innocence will not appear.

Anonymous said...

The political significance of this vote can't be overstated. It is an important event.
A watershed moment.

Yes, Ms.Affa is absolutely clueless.
This shouldn't surprise anyone who was paying attention.

alfonso todd said...

They can't force him out according to the charter. So this more of a suggestion or request... SMH... Much ado about nothing aka too little too late.

Alfonso Todd

Monkey Momma said...

No one can tell me that Council and the folks at City Hall didn't know what was going on in Pawlowski's regime. It must have been obvious to all involved that bribery was how jobs get done. The fact that no one on our own home turf outed this outrageousness leads me to believe that EVERYONE was in on it. Why did it take the FBI to expose such a huge and pervasive scandal?? Does no one wear the white hat in Allentown?

This is, indeed, a CYA move. I don't buy it for a moment.

Monkey Momma said...

PS - Glad you're back, MM.

Anonymous said...

Agree with others on this post, it's totally CYA. I'm still wondering how many on Council are in the FBI crosshairs.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

The fact that this City Council is corrupt, if not criminal, doesn't lessen the significance of this vote.
This strips Ed of the last shred of legitimacy.
This is a major milestone in his ultimate downfall.

doug_b said...

The FBI starts at the bottom. Gets all the 'little guys', then gives them a deal to help convict the 'big cheese'. We have to wait and see how many more they can sweep up, before they go for #3.

Anonymous said...

Glazier was the slime running the School Board when Zahorchak was left loose to reduce already rough Allentown schools into rubble. I still cannot believe that Glazier made it onto city council. It would be a travesty to allow him further powers and abilities. His track record is deplorable. Frankly, Bobo the Chimp is more qualified and has more integrity.

Anonymous said...

Mike: Hoffman received campaign donations from Ed Pawlowski as well. I remember him coming to my door during the campaign and when I asked about his campaign donations he said it created no conflicts and that he was not beholden to Pawlowski. Council needs to get a new legal opinion on the Controller eligibility issue and appoint Ramos or Hershman.

hottarandfeathers said...

The President needs to remove the Allentown mayor Ed Polwaski to save the city by Executive Order, that can and will be done.