Oct 20, 2015

Molovinsky on Weddings and Elections

On Friday night I stepped out, by myself, to attend the Fegley Wedding Bash at the Brew Pub, the Mrs. couldn't go, she was tied up. Steven Ramos asked me if I was there to cover the event for the blog, and I said "no," just to smell the wedding flowers. Steven is running for city controller as a Republican. Who would expect a Hispanic to be a Republican in Allentown? His opponent, Mary Ellen Koval, is the incumbent hand picked by the Pawlowski/Fleck PAC. She has been busy lately gathering documents as ordered by the FBI subpoenas. Come election day, in two weeks, Steven is the integrity that this city so desparately needs. I would also strongly recommend the groom himself, Rich Fegley, for city council. Fegley is not on the ballot, but is running a write in campaign. The new electronic voting machines have a keyboard, which makes the write-in option easier. Voters only need to type FEGLEY to begin changing this city for the better.


Anonymous said...


Some yard signs are appearing in right of ways with the name Koval printed on the front side. For almost everyone in Allentown this will be their first exposure to "their" city controller. In fact she has Been Ed Pawlowski's "controller" and she acted accordingly. In other words, total silence, working under the radar, zero communications with the public she should have been serving. The current city controller needs to be thrown out by the voters, with what we already know one wonders how she dares run for re-election.

Scott Armstrong

Bernie O'Hare said...

I would recommend that people include a first name and not just type in Fegley.

Anonymous said...

Steve Ramos and I have been working on similarly related projects in improving the Greater Lehigh Valley Region as a whole. You couldn't ask for more honest, trustworthy, and truly dedicated person to serve the populace of Allentown.
Oh, And by the way, He is a decorated Military Veteran, which adds to his integrity!
"The Old Allentown Curmudgeon" (Paul J. Fiske U.S. Air Force Veteran)

Anonymous said...

As a charter member of the un-washed masses I cannot understand why anyone would vote for Ms. Koval's re-election.She seemed to be A.W.O.L. while all these Pawloski dealings were going on with city contracts etc..For this election Allentown's voters have a clear choice.Mr Ramos appears to be the only choice for the office who could lead Allentown into a new era.The longest journey begins with the first step.

Anonymous said...


Koval is also a Board member of the Allentown Parking Authority.

In addition to her absentee service as your city controller, she is also responsible for the many warm and caring decisions that the Parking Authority has inflicted on city residents.

Hopefully, voters will remember this on Election Day and reward her accordingly.

Bill said...

I will vote for change in the upcoming election and the one beyond. In the next cycle I will also vote across the isle as they say in order to increase accountability. I am a registered Dem. If you are a Dem and running for re-election in Allentown, the only way to earn my vote is to show independence and strive for transparency and accountability in the manner in which government operates. Our passive City Council has done immeasurable harm to our City. Please consider representing citizens rather than rubber stamping, which in most instances seems the norm for so very long. Note to voters - one of the major factors in how we got here is that some of those elected count on people pulling the party lever and assume you would elect a ham sandwich if affiliated with the DEMS. They assume you will vote for them on party affiliation alone. I see some good people running on the Rep ticket and think we need some balance in perspectives at the local level. I am therefore your swing voter - and a super voter at that. I hope there are many more this year...

Anonymous said...

You know for the first time in quite a while I am beginning to have some hope for this "Old Queen City".....But we the citizens need to dump these political associations, vote our conscience, and change our neighborhoods one block at a time. I could regale you with some wonderful stories of 45 years ago here in Allentown. But that doesn't fix the problems we have now....The "Old Gal" still has a strong infrastructure. So lets "throw the bums out" of City Hall and Council, and start on a fresh slate in 2016!
"The Old Allentown Curmudgeon" (Paul J. Fiske)

Rich Fegley said...

Koval needs to be thrown out by the voters. Citizens should know to vote for Steve Ramos since Lou Hershman is on the ballot for City Council.

Glazier and Affa both worked with Pawlowski and his Citizens for a Better Allentown PAC. Like Hillary Clinton, they need to give Pawlowski's money back and even make a public statement.

I've communicated with Tim Benyo. I've given him all possible forms of my name. "Rich Fegley" is the safest. Variations on that will all be counted as votes for me; Richard Fegley, R Fegley, Fegley, Richard D Fegley, Rick Fegley, Richie Fegley, Ricardo Fegley, etc.

Best to use "Rich Fegley". Thank you for your consideration.