Sep 17, 2015

Rumble At the Reagan Library

As a conservative independent, I have no use for Hillary Clinton, and less for Bernie Sanders. Even though I'll be late opening the bakery this morning, I stayed up last night and watched the debate. I was actually more impressed with the undercard. Sans Santorum, Pataki, Jindal and Graham were compelling. But, as Marshall McLuhan said, the medium is the message, and those gentlemen, relegated to the second tier in the second debate, are no longer part of the medium.

 On the main card, the overly crowded field was almost like cage wrestling, too many people vying for camera time. In that regard, I felt that CNN had the camera on Trump a disportioncate amount of time. For foreign policy geeks, hearing that Trump will surround himself with experts, as opposed to being one, must be excruciatingly painful. I believe that if Marco Rubio could make himself appear older, he would be a real contender. I might send him some of my gray hair dye, it has helped me looked more distinguished. Getting back to McLuhan, Trump may have again stole the show by default. Although Jeb Bush was more aggressive, he only managed to play into Trump's portrayal of him as unenergetic. In that regard, Ben Carson appears to be self medicated. The other doctor, Rand Paul, also cannot shed the Trump barbs. Huckabee has cast himself more as a pastor than a viable politician. Both the governors, Walker and Kasich, failed to stand out. Ted Cruz presented himself well, but the media has marginalized him as too right for America. Although Christie held his own, he still looks like he caused that traffic jam at the bridge, trying to get to the donut shop before it closed. Certainly, Carly Fiorina also held her own, but I don't think that she has enough spunk to break through this large men's field.

I'm back to Marshall McLuhan and the persuasive media. If Trump produces some commercials which succeed in adding some world expertise to augment his bravado, the White House might become the next reality show.


  1. It's hard to believe Trump isn't going to step on a major faux pas landmine between now and a year November.

    But he is, I think, performing the useful service of taking the dialog in directions that wouldn't be explored without him. The idea of aggressively driving illegal aliens out of our country probably wouldn't have been brought to the fore without him. Sure, there'd have been talk of "reform", but Trump has a great way of talking about solution specifics, not just platitudes around the problem.

    The rest of the field was fairly impressive too (with a few exceptions such as Jeb "Milquetoast" Bush). And who can fail to be impressed by Ms. Fiorina, for example.

    Last night began to pull me out of my cynical slumber...

    Jeffrey Anthony

  2. You're right about Ben Carson. I have no idea why he's in 2nd place. He talks so slow and soft, it's more late night DJ voice. Did like the pinstripe suit though. Very sharp.

    I like Kasich and Fiorina. I think Kasich is the most well-rounded of the bunch. I always keep coming back to him as the most competent. Fiorina is the most likeable of the bunch.

    I don't think Trump would be a terrible President as some say because we'd be more equally matched against the Russians, Chinese and Iranians. I think he's got the right personality to handle those countries. He may be an a-hole, but he'd be ours in a world of them. Our current President is too docile and too interested in being friends with everybody.

  3. I have 'fatigue'. I doubt anyone - Republican or Democrat will change anything.

    The Fourth Turning will happend - I hope sooner than later.

  4. Did not watch the debate but caught Mark Stein was on Hannaty. He was hilarious and right on. Tried to find the video on the FOX site but it isn't there yet. I did not watch the debate because I find them too formulaic and in last night's case contrived.Anyway, I don't think they matter at this point, a new dynamic has swamped all the traditional campaign measures and tactics. Both Democrats and Republicans seem to throwing off the commands from their establishments and the media talking heads. Let's hope they keep it up.

    Scott Armstrong

  5. The GOP needs to start trimming the debates down at this point. There's no need for a JV debate and another 11-person Battle Royale.

    I know the big donors who have backed loser candidates will disagree but if you don't have traction now, you're not going to get it. If there is some expectation that Trump will one day just quit because he's bored with it and the field will be reshuffled magically, I don't think that's going to happen either.

  6. Trump simply shows how boring the rest of the GOP candidates are.

  7. Watched a bit of it - the location was very cool (if you haven't been to the Reagan Library, go it's amazing), other than that there isn't anything until the crowd gets winnowed down and more meaningful debate can take place.

    Until then it's a freak show.

    The Banker

  8. As a liberal independent, I'm curious why you've written off Sanders. I would think the fixing and updating WPA projects would fit with the expanded public spending proposed by Sanders.

    (I'm not trying to troll here; I respect and appreciate everything I've read on Molovinski on Allentown. If you feel this question out of line, a happily withdraw it.)

  9. Rush said it best, the Democratic establishment would never let Sanders win because he really believes all the Left wing stuff about corporations and big business. These two entities are huge supporters of the DNC and that apple cart can not be upset by a candidate who would uphold the integrity of his/her beliefs in office.

    Scott Armstrong

  10. None of them are Ronald Wilson Reagan.

    The business people are schooling the career politicians, especially Cary Fiorina who had multiple action points with her contributions.

    JEB still looks like a wuss. Ben Carson doesn't have the persona to win the big election.

    Overall: the debate was a hot mess.

  11. Rush also said he would be leaving the country if the ACA wasn't repealed by the SCOTUS, and he's still here. We know that as 'conservative credibility'.

  12. DOJ is right the GOP debate was a hot mess.Kasich and Rubio though would make a good ticket next November.


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