Jun 4, 2015

Blogging Lite

I saw this picture this morning on the page of a facebook friend. In real life we don't even know each other. The strawberries were meant to be nothing more than strawberries. Another friend asked where he got them, and the poster gave the address of the fruit stand. I thought how much more relaxing that would be, instead of writing that the mayor should fire the police chief, for being involved in unnecessary tension between different police agencies. I also think that it would be more relaxing to just give directions to farm stands, rather than receiving antagonistic anonymous comments all day. I probably won't turn into a food or puff blogger, it's not my nature, but here's one portion anyway.


Dreaming of Justice said...

Notice not a single comment..that's because we don't like puffery LOL..we want venomous tirades of truth!

Nice strawberries, though.

Monkey Momma said...

Strange...right before I headed over to your blog just now, I was thinking about what distinguishes molovinsky on allentown from my other news sites. (And yes I consider your blog news.) You have such a unique place in my media diet, and I very much appreciate your perspective. You post every single weekday, without fail, on issues that affect all of us here in the Allentown area. (OK, sometimes, you post on some not-so-local stuff, but you're always consistent with posting on your areas of expertise.) Your reliability is astonishing. Thank you for your consistent ability to cut through the fat and reveal what is really happening behind the scenes of our local government. You are a truly brave and insightful blogger and person, and I'm incredibly glad you have never chosen the easy route.

michael molovinsky said...

momma@7:16, thank you for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Two things - 1, Monkey Momma is right, couldn't have said it better myself, so thank you as well; and 2) What's the address of the fruit stand? They look really good!

The Banker