Jun 16, 2015

Allentown Crime Down, So Is Credibility

According to Pawlowski and his chief, crime is down in Allentown. If you have any doubts, they produced a 53 page report, complete with statistics and graphs. The report will be an annual production. I do remember the other week when the chief's son was on trial, there was at least four shootings. The report doesn't lower Pawlowski's and Fitzgerald's credibility with me, they didn't have that much. But, the media seems to have some doubts. The Morning Call placed the story on page 7, and writes according to the mayor and police chief. To me, according reflects doubt. That's the very word I used to start this post. Someone should tell Pawlowski and Fitzgerald that there just has been way too many shootings and stabbings for their first annual report to have any meaning.


Anonymous said...

It is VERY easy to skew numbers to give a report whatever results are desired. We get this all time time from our federal government. Released figures for unemployment,inflation, deportation rate, and even climate change have all been independently analyzed back into actual reality by highly regarded, and independent sources.

The problem with the Morning Call, and so much of today's other media, is an agenda driven objective, minimal staff, and a passive audience. Unchallenged press release material has taken the place of actual journalism, balance, and quest for truth.

What matters these days is not so much the story, but WHO GIVES IT TO YOU.

I was also amused to read Bill White's recent epiphany on the functioning of the NIZ. That was a curious piece, to be sure.

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

This is just yet another edited out news release¿ There was one ommited crime statistic not even in the report for there calculated miscalculation¿
Yet another bought and paid for local analization propably done by water war firm to sell the propogated blight allowable administationally for this massive miscalculation developmentally¿ Shit is backing up around the arena in most every tenament because of infastructure neglect¿

patent pending

Anonymous said...

When even Pawlowski's publicity team - er, the local newspaper who's charge is to actually ask questions - doesn't believe you, well that's bad.

Agree with Fred, White's comment was curious indeed. People will find and exploit loopholes, especially bright people and senior citizens.

The Banker

michael molovinsky said...

fred@7:18, i also found the bill white piece very interesting. as one who did two posts on the very same subject last week, and was also on the NIZ debate program he referenced, he went to great lengths to exclude me from his article.

Anonymous said...

I write this every year, there is no independent audit of reported crime numbers. So they can report what they want, and very likely do.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

They only count dead people

Anonymous said...

Found an interesting story on how to reduce reported murders. It was in The Chicago Magazine April 7 2014 'Truth about Chicago's Crime Rates' I always knew crime statistics were manipulated but Chicago takes it to a new level

michael molovinsky said...

@10:55 and 11:01, yes, when the shootings are up and the deaths are down, the credit should go to the hospital ER unit, not the police department. to what benefit and use was this report? what did it cost to produce? both pawlowski and fitzgerald deserve the skepticism that it has fostered.

Anonymous said...

When You have a Mayor running for Gov. and a Chief looking for a new job.A drop in crime rate looks good when one Googles both of Them

DreamingOfJustice said...

**They only count dead people** <~~ GUFFAW

Anonymous said...

12:15 -

The Mayor is (supposedly) running for Senate.

The Governor run was last year.

Bill said...

I think that the REPORTING of crime may be down