May 14, 2015

A Pawlowski School Board Will Have Consequences

Taxpayers should know that a School Board, cherry picked by Ed Pawlowski, will have dire consequences. Presently, he has endorsed a plan to convert a former large factory into 158 apartment. Although the developer states that most will be studio apartments that discourage children, the real market speaks differently. In the real market, studios are less rent, and attract an endless stream of single mothers with children. Allentown has no shortage of that demographic, and the school district suffers from poverty and under parenting. Two years ago, another developer approached the school board seeking a tax free KOZ status, actively represented by the Pawlowski Administration. Those apartments would have resulted in more students with a smaller tax base. The School Board wisely turned down the proposal. What will happen when Pawlowski's Puppets dominate the board? They will be able to approve Pawlowski promoted projects, while separating Pawlowski from the taxpayer cost involved. Mayors always tell you that they have no control over school taxes. The voters would be wise to keep that disclaimer a reality.


Anonymous said...

You hit right on target, Mr. Molovinsky! Pawlowski lapdogs on the School Board could work against Allentown property taxpayers.

There used to be a time when School Board candidates cross-filed so as to remain apolitical. This seemed the most impartial way to view the task of representing ALL families in the district.

We already see developers trying to engineer their way toward paying lower property taxes. Their point of contact is some politician who has a skewed view of paying for education.

I've claimed over and over, multi-family buildings do not produce school tax revenues adequately, as if every structure was just a single-family dwelling. This is an acute problem in urban areas, like Allentown, with MANY rental structures.

Politicians are all about 'fudging' things to meet a political agenda. I just don't like that kind of influence moving in this way. If I still lived in Allentown, I would not vote for any candidate who accepted money from the Pawlowski regime.

School Director Mike Welsh is correct in posting his earlier comments here. He evidently sees the problem, too.

Fred Windish

Bernie O'Hare said...

Wow! Quite a revelation.

Anonymous said...


If Pawlowski's agents win control of the school board the teachers' union will be sitting on both sides of the bargaining table for their own contract negotiations. Nice work if you can get it.

Scott Armstrong