Apr 16, 2015

The Honest Broker, Missing From Lehigh Valley

In a previous post, I told how South Whitehall's Christina Morgan would be coming forward suggesting a referendum on Wehr's Dam. Last night, as if on cue, she made her backdoor suggestion, hoping to help the Wildlands still demolish the icon. Also in a previous post, I mentioned that the Allentown Parking Authority presents contrived surveys, to justify their rate hikes. Also on cue, that claim was made last night, to justify doubling the meter rate in Allentown. We were also told that tickets are only reluctantly given, to enforce rules which benefit everybody. As one who has often seen street sweeping tickets give out en masse, with no meaningful sweeping, I know better than that. We live in an area where bureaucrats can say and do as they please, with no scrutiny from the press. The bureaucrats are imbued with arrogance, thinking they know best, certainly much better than the dirty masses. The press is nine to five, satisfied to report what is said, with no need to know the real motives. The public, for the most part, is content with this diet of abridged news. On the national level, they're so conditioned to spin and attitude, that facts no longer count. Who cares if you have to pay $2 an hour to park on empty Hamilton Street on a Tuesday afternoon?


Anonymous said...

I know I don't care.

Both Allentown and America are getting what they have repeated voted for because elections DO have consequences.

I also know that, so long, as Monica Lewinsky gets her old job back, I will be satisfied with whom the Lame Stream Media is already pushing for President in 2016.

Because, to quote a prominent local business owner who shall remain unidentified here, we are all just slaves to the wealthy.

Dreaming of Justice said...

This city's administration is a synonym for all that is mediocre in city government. Frankly, "mediocre" is far from an adequate term to use, but it';s good enough for me.


Anonymous said...

Last niight I reed an article on home sales in the region¿ Northamton County was topped as top home sales quoted by Ryan Conraad and Criss Radd big wig of LVRA¿
MR Conradd was bigwig for now defunt Patt White turned Burkshire Hathoway or somthing like that and Mr Radd is trying to fill daddies shoes and also sits on allentowns historical reveiw board¿

Now the difference between brokerage as political, realestate, development, political and last but not least is the edited out news media locally¿ This twisted bunch are one corprate machine all together as on and your picture in this article suits them perfectly¿

There was an article some time ago where allentowns king chastised this bunch for the same underhanded dealings that he himself participates in through campaign contribution¿ There was one important piece of information left out poorposly by king and that would be the sale of homes to clients on public assistance¿

Lets see if you rubbed some antibiotic gel where needed today as this aticle would tell me you have and are as frustated as most local public and private sector patrons¿ We all still just seem to be in limbo locally waiting to see what they think is best now¿

patent pending

Bernie O'Hare said...

Unfortunately, your story is all-too-accurate. Especially, the condemnation of the press, which has abdicated its role as watchdog.

Rich Fegley said...

I called them all liars last night. No one seemed to care at all.

I asked all of them to present the "data" and the "surveys" and the "studies". Nothing. No one had anything to show. Jeanette Eichenwald confirmed that City Council was given NOTHING to base their 5-1 vote on. There was no parking research to present. Nothing.

Liars. Tony iannelli. Miriam Huertes. Sara Hailstone. Jeff Glazier. The Chamber of Commerce. Pawlowski and his administration. All lied to City Council and the Allentown Citizens.

Does anyone really care?

michael molovinsky said...

rich @6:47, arena events comprise about 1% of downtown time, while the doubling of meter rates will effect all businesses every day, all day. the last time they claimed a merchant survey in 2005, i checked with every merchant on hamilton street. not one even knew of the increase at that time, much less agreed to it. currently, during the day, meter enforcement is rather lax. when the authority feels a need for greater cash flow, the enforcement will become more vigorous, and the merchants and restaurants will consequently suffer. nobody wants a $10 ticket to go along with their $6 sandwich.

monkey momma said...

What does the parking authority do with their profits? Is this a perhaps a ploy to deter poor people from parking downtown?

monkey momma said...

Nevermind. I just figured it out. From Lehigh Valley Live: "Councilman Jeff Glazier, who said the changes are in line with generally accepted parking management practices, said the authority has agreed to give the additional revenue generated by the new meter rates to the city. "

WTF!!! This really is a money grab by the City.

michael molovinsky said...

momma@6:58, glazier has certainly met expectations as a lackey. no statement was more meaningless than accepted parking management practices. tell that to tucker, as people go elsewhere to buy yarn. tell that to billy's, as people go elsewhere to buy breakfast.