Mar 18, 2015

Panto and O'Hare

Social media, blogs and Facebook, have become an unattributed source for main stream media. The recent article and editorial in the Express Times on Easton's new code director came from both these sources.  When blogger Bernie O'Hare questioned both the job history and salary of Sal Panto's recent hire, Mayor Panto went ballistic on Facebook against O'Hare's disclosures.  Hundreds of Panto's Facebook friends lined up to bash O'Hare and praise Panto, including Ed Pawlowski's wife. O'Hare's disclosures became the substance of both an article and editorial in the Express Times. Although the article mentioned Panto's Facebook page and O'Hare's Blog,  the attribution was missing from the editorial .


Anonymous said...

Free press and true investigative news reporting has a bullseye upon the backers by local edited out news outlets hackers¿

patent pending

DreamingOfJustice said...

Fascism, at it's most pathetic.
Panting Panto syncoPANTS drooling their rabid support on a FB's like..a particularly ugly version of "Mean Girls".

If you dont recognize the reference..look it's even more hilarious that way.