Mar 12, 2015

Framing The News In The Lehigh Valley

To quote Superboy's parents, With great power comes great responsibility. Here in the valley, I can't say that The Morning Call has always shouldered that responsibility in an admirable fashion. In fairness to them, most of my criticism is based on lack of coverage of issues in which I have been involved, or on myself. I suppose if you factor in my annoying manner, and my aspersions toward them, nobody will hire me as a media consultant. Last year, when I ran as an independent for state representative, I missed out on the primary election news cycle. I requested, with no success, that the paper run a candidate announcement or profile in August to balance coverage previously given to my opponents.

Currently, the paper keeps reporting that the Wildlands Conservancy position on Wehr's Dam is based on science, while the defenders are mere history buffs. They would rather keep repeating confused conclusions from past articles, rather than update and report new aspects of the situation. So far, that story has been written by four different reporters, none of which has investigated or reported the Wildlands distortion and generalization of science for their own agenda.

Yesterday, the article on City Council candidates reported that Julian Kern was not listed on the primary ballot. Julian says otherwise on his Facebook page, and includes an election office printout. When will the paper correct the oversight, or will his campaign also suffer unequal coverage?

UPDATE: Julian states that he handed in his petition at the last minute, resulting in the paper's oversight.  The issue is how and when will the paper report that he is indeed a candidate.  Today's paper contained no correction.


Anonymous said...

MM, Most readers of local news media outlets know that most are and edited out advertismental news articles? The issue i who and what is real and a fictishious childs story? Than there would be the who and what is behind the curtian with OZ?

This man has my vote only after the tried and true Hershman that has constantly been stiffiled in counsil chambers regularly?

patent pending

doug_b said...

Although not political in nature, about 20 of us homeowners had similar treatment by the Minneapolis Star and Tribune (aka "The Red Star & Tribune").

We live on a smaller lake, and the Park Board wanted to make a walking path - right through our back yards. Currently there must be 200 miles of walking paths in Mpls. Park Board said they had easements to our properties (circa 1920).

Us home owners attended several Park Board meetings. Who would want a walking path in their backyard?

The Red Star dug up some citizens (socialists) who were deeply offended that 'us wealthy people' were 'stealing land that belonged to the public'. There were several of these articles - nobody at the Red Star would speak to any of us home owners.

The net result was several of us had Torrens titles - I have no easement, my property goes right to the water. End of walking path idea.

No coverage by the Red Star.