Feb 19, 2015

South Whitehall's Scandal

Although the massive concrete Wehr's Dam has stood for 110 years, a hired consulting firm just told the South Whitehall Commissioners that it would take almost a $million dollars to repair it. By luck, the group that hired them to reach that conclusion, will save the day and remove the dam at no expense to the taxpayer, how convenient. To accept that paid for conclusion, the commissioners will have to ignore the state's assessment that the dam is in remarkably good condition. Only the narrowest portion of the dam is visible. The dam is actually a wide wedge, which sits firmly on a large concrete platform. If nothing was done to the dam, it would sit there another century. The commissioners have hired an independent engineer to review the study, but how independent he truly is remains to be seen. In Pennsylvania, the bread seems to be buttered on the dam removal side of the equation. It's not that we're environmentally progressive, hydraulic fracking proves otherwise, but Harrisburg is pliable to influence. The Wildlands Conservancy has made harvesting dam removal grants their business. The engineering firm hired by the Conservancy was paid almost $250,000 in taxpayer grants to reach their conclusion. The dilemma facing the South Whitehall Commissioners is nothing less than truth and justice. Over 7,000 people have signed petitions at the dam itself, to save the historic icon. These people know that the dam is solid, how about their leadership?


DreamingOfJustice said...

How about it, People?
The WC thinks we are hibernating...
It couldn't be more wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hard to take comfort in ANY survey results presented by the organization who paid for the survey work in the first place.

We have seen, over and over again, how data has been manipulated or skewed to provide the desired results. This has been demonstrated countless times in debates over global warming, citizen quality of life satisfaction, real estate sales success, projects like the NIZ, etc..

I'll guarantee you, if enough money is put up to show this dam issue is outrageous and foolish, a seemingly pure, scientific, and economic analysis will be prepared by NUMEROUS investigators.

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

The bigger picture here does not give a Damm here or there it is the ReWriting of the flood plain to meet federal guidlines?
As mr windish states as long as there is a uncomprehencible algabraic equasion in the population numbers for the American dollar disbersment there will be people bought and sold to any cockamami idea?


patent pending

Anonymous said...

Here is the deal. Block, Bond and Daubert are up for reelection this year. Does anyone think they will vote to tear down the dam?? With their tax increase and this... an obvious recipe for not being reelected is presented. MM and crew you should rest easy on this one. Otherwise anyone who votes to tear down the dam will commit so called political suicide. Word has it that there are plenty of people running for those three spots in favor of dam preservation!!

Anonymous said...

From anonymous 7:55am comes, hopefully, a "Ray of Hope" for this Iconic area of tranquility.
Michael, How can this information be used in the proper political circles to end this debacle of on going stupidity??
"The Old Allentown Curmudgeon" (PJF)

michael molovinsky said...

pjf@7:55, the decision will be made within a month or so, long before any election. the wildlands "paid for nonsense report" provides cover, and the newspaper takes the wildlands side. the public works director favors demolishing the dam to make less work for his dept. the park director is also on board, because his father works for the wildlands. so, although the deck is stacked against common sense and history, i believe the dam still has a chance of surviving. i believe that while the current commissioners will not offer the dam historic district protection, they will likewise at this time not agree to let the wildlands proceed with demolition-so i hope.