Jan 12, 2015

When Rustlers Cry Poaching

molovinsky on allentown was hoping to get back to local history this week, but the folly of the NIZ has once again intervened. Seems like the NIZ rustlers are upset because Bethlehem is trying to lure Talen, the PPL spinoff for electricity generation. Sy Traub, chairman of the NIZ, said, "To poach a major company right across the city line, that wouldn't make a great deal of sense." Of course Sy had no problem with Allentown poaching National Penn from Boyertown, or even stealing the main tenant from Allentown's own Masonic Temple. All's fair in love and NIZ. Also in NIZ NEWS, Harrisburg has shook it's head no about about using state income tax for sidewalks and streetlights. Here at the molovinsky office, headquartered in City Center 2, along with National Penn Bank, we decided to use the rustler photo once more, before returning it to the Allentown Library later today. Currently, we're operating out of a broom closet, but J.B. has promised us better space in the proposed Walnut Street Tower.


Anonymous said...

MM, I was thinking the same thing. It seems when National Penn, Digi Feast, and other businesses moved due to the tax breaks / incentives their original locations couldn't offer (nor any available properties seeking corporate business clients) all was well and dandy, but now there is a possible new opportunity on the horizon, the term is not viable competition but "poaching"... Pot meet Kettle.

Alfonso Todd


Anonymous said...

If the Easton Times doesn't give Traub a "Turkey of the Century" award for that fail, they will have failed themselves.

The Banker

Dreaming of Justice said...


Live by the sword...LOL..
Though I do wish Allentown well (specially it's beleaguered citizens) I can't help cracking a grin at this. Hubris, meet Tomfoolery.

Anonymous said...

I have been participating in NIZ discussions by posting on the Morning Call.

Today, Steve Ramos posted a link to tax revenue documents. My analysis of the numbers tells me the NIZ zone has been a negative drain on taxpayers to date. The debt to build the arena ($177 million) is not included in my opinion. Of course, that's a big debt to cover.

The NIZ would appear to require several more years before it even appears to have been a positive effort for taxpayers across the state.

We can NOT dismiss the reality, the majority of these tax revenues were ALREADY being gained elsewhere in Pennsylvania, so the situation is even more dire. That's the problem with the in-state poaching you mention.

At this point, the easy 'gets' have been attracted. That is, all the country club buddies. Time will tell if much else beyond PA stuff will ever participate.

Don't expect the Morning Call to concur.

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

Did jp give you a price break and rental subsity on that broom closet too?

patent pending

Anonymous said...

Now that the tax benefits PPL Energy Supply enjoyed in the PPL Plaza building expired in 2011, it's time to go find more tax breaks, all funded by taxpayers. So what will become of the soon to be vacant Plaza building? They can't compete with all the new buildings enjoying the new tax breaks. So is it time to tear that building down too?

Anonymous said...

Again, Dreaming Of Justice and MM,

I LIVE in Allentown and am hoping for the best because God knows we need it, but these are obvious situations occurring and unfolding..

Not ant-Allentown or a Naysayer, just a Concerned Citizen of A-town,

Alfonso Todd