Jan 7, 2015

Stealing For Jesus

A former sportscaster is on trial for bilking hundreds of sports fans out of thousands of dollars, for sport travel packages that he failed to deliver. He has been defending himself wearing a cross and holding a bible, claiming that he misspent the money on good deeds. I have no interest in the defendant or the case, only the defense concept, which isn't novel. Over the years, hundreds of defendants seem to find religion in the time between being arrested and facing the judge. I would think that such pious people wouldn't mind spending some time incarnated, atoning for their sins. This blog occasionally veers from local politics and history with holy land posts. Perhaps this post should be filed under unholy.
photo by Rick Kintzel/Doylestown Intelligencer


Anonymous said...

Religion is the last refuge of a scoundrel....

Anonymous said...

That's what most of the criminal actors do when there criminallity comes in the light of day? They live a Hole life of criminal ACTivities and than the gates of Heaven pop open and let them in, this is more histerical than Bernie's shit slinging stories about Ron Angle?

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