Dec 13, 2014

Tribute To Greg Weaver

My short film, featuring Greg Weaver, was shown here for a limited engagement.


Anonymous said...

Good artistic tribute t an artists¿

patent pending

Manfred Kodila said...

I love this short movie... it brings back a lot of good memories... Thanks for sharing, Mike !

michael molovinsky said...

greg weaver is the shooter. manfred sits opposite across the table in the opening scenes. for the "shooting" scene, greg is sitting at the back of the table, with manfred to his left

Guy Williams said...

brings back memories of the concerts in the parkway along with The name of the place is I like it like that on 8th

Anonymous said...

A great little piece of work.
Thank you

michael molovinsky said...

@3:48, in a film class it would have rightfully received a poor grade. plan A was to shoot it in the grand hotel, with a bolex. i ended up with a kodak brownie, behind greg's studio on 10th street. i present it here for a few days as a footnote to the great weaver show just concluded at penn state.