Dec 9, 2014

For My Gun, Against The NRA

As a gun owner I'm an unequivocal supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Although that is a right which I defend, as an engaged citizen I appreciate living in a society of laws. There are rights and laws and we can all live within them. I do not blindly consider every regulation as a curtailment of my rights, or as a slippery slope which will erode them. I can exercise my rights in a responsible manner, without purposefully provoking those who feel differently about this issue.

Each November the NRA sends it's members a card telling them whom they should vote for in their district, to protect their 2nd Amendment rights. Although their member magazine often features hunting rifles, the organization must think of their members as sheep. As Americans we should guard our right to own firearms,  but never tolerate being told how to vote.


Dreaming of Justice said...

I've seen people blindly vote for those who will just maintain the same lame status jobs, no progress, empty store fronts, silly "brag banners" flapping from every forlorn light pole.."Historic District!" some banners say.."All American City!" (neglecting to include that designation was given one year 30 years ago)...while trash and crestfallen boys and men lean against vacant buildings. Plenty of alcohol consumption...plenty of drunken bar fights and wife beating..children taken by the county for responsible care while mommy dries out for the third time. The same characters in the VFW- another business closes. BUT OUR GUNS ARE SAFE. And that may as well be all that matters.

Anonymous said...

A local group has been hounding muncipalites and recreational areas for posting signs that restrict guns. Corbett also recently signed a bill that allows a citizen to sue a municipality if they fail to remove the signs. I wonder how far these cowboys would get with their open carry in court? Now macho man can wear speedos and a side piece at a public pool this summer. While I personally do not care if someone conceal caries in sensitive areas, the simple appearance is threatening to children and could be misinterpreted. I guess everyone now has the right to bear stupidity.