Nov 20, 2014

South Whitehall Slams It's Placid Residents

Imagine a municipality where the elected officials can announce a 37% increase in taxes, and not one citizen questions it. Such is the case in the burb just west of Allentown. In their defense, the Township maintains that this is the first increase in 29 years. They have been previously operating with a surplus, generated by decades of high end development. One thing is for sure, the township operates virtually with no outside scrutiny, seen elsewhere in the Valley. I think that when the new tax bills arrive next spring, even the normally calm township residents will take notice.


Dreaming of Justice said... the Commission's solution is to gut our wallets the minute they sense an opportunity?

Anonymous said...

Thinking this is what South Whitehall had the guts to deal with not like Northampton County.

michael molovinsky said...

@6:42, actually it's my understanding that south whitehall's fund balance is almost depleted, and that the new budget will have a deficit balance. in a preliminary budget overview, the millage increase was mentioned. all explanations of the increase, it's actual percentage and budget were in response to my questions; no one else present had any commet or questions.

Greenawalds Guy said...

the last tax increase was 1988, so 26 years. How do I know this, every year Dale Daubert says he got elected in 1989 after the commissioners shafted the people in 1988. Well Mr Daubert i guess you just shafted the citizenry like they did in 1988.

What about the 3 million dollar loan South Whitehall took out last year to balance the 2014 budget and make capital purchases the citizens are on the hook to pay back over a million dollars in interest in the next 20 Years!!!.... not one peep, but they can hire more staff and pay thousands for movies and concerts in a park, the "republicans' on this board of commissioners arent very conservative in their spending