Oct 15, 2014

The Politics Of Wehr's Dam, 2

The South Whitehall Historic Overlay District resulted from about 1,000 signatures to save the King George Inn. Currently, there are 5,000 signatures to save Wehr's Dam, of which 4,600 were collected at the dam itself. The recent public meeting and power point presentation conducted by the Wildlands Conservancy on dam removals, was requested by the President of the South Whitehall Commissioners. When the Overlay District was enacted, I suggested that "and dam" be added to the Wehr's Covered Bridge listing.  The solicitor chimed in that such changes were not permitted at the ordinance reading; Actually, that is the exact legal reason for the final reading. The Commissioners have used every conceivable excuse and cover since June to protect the agenda of the Wildlands Conservancy. It's apparently incumbent upon the people of South Whitehall to now protect their park.

photograph by K Mary Hess

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Dreaming of Justice said...

I'm on board with whatever needs to be done. Human chain, legal action, news crews, whatever we need to do. It's apparently clear that we will be forced to actively protect this historic structure. How sad.