Oct 7, 2014

Julie's Big Fib

Julie Harhart's oversized card contains an oversized lie of omission. While she claims that she voted against a pay raise for state representatives, she omits the fact that she voted for a 50% increase to her pension payments, for life. Although she claims that she has a proven record for jobs and small businesses, the empty storerooms along the main street in Slatington and Northampton prove otherwise. In very small print we learn that the mailing was paid for by the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. I hope to send one mailing, paid for by the people of Lehigh Valley. Please consider using the paypal button the the sidebar, to help me inform the voters that they now have an alternative to politics as usual in Harrisburg. Thank you.


Dreaming of Justice said...

The sad truth is evident when one after another, stores and even banks are being shuttered and their former addresses become vacant-sometimes, for years. There are GOP drones who doggedly insist that their party has all the answers-except that none of those supposed solutions has come to pass. Twenty years of publicly funded salary is enough for State Rep Harhart. The life time pension increase is just rubbing salt into the festering wound of the recession that plagues her district. Her campaign is well funded- but ALL PEOPLE HAVE TO DO IS VOTE INDEPENDENT. There is no money in the world that can override free will.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Harhart voted NO on the pay raise, but she voted YES to allow the change of rules that allowed the pay raise vote to take place.