Sep 17, 2014

Disenfranchising An Independent

Early this spring the local media did several stories on the candidates for the primary, then reported the results after the May 20th primary. Residents of the 183rd District know that the Republican incumbent Julie Harhart is being challenged by Democrat Terri Powells. However, my candidacy as an Independent was never duly reported. Although I gave a press conference, none of the media attended. The Express Times announced my candidacy on their website, but never included it in their hardcopy edition. Likewise, neither the Morning Call or WFMZ has informed the public that there is a third candidate on the ballot. As of early September, even the Northampton branch of the League of Women Voters didn't know that it was a three way election. If such an informed group was unaware of my candidacy, the local media has under-served both me and the public.

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