Sep 10, 2014

Confession Of An Independent Candidate

I have been driving and walking in the towns and villages of the 183rd District, but have not been introducing myself very often. Although I'm known as a tenacious advocate in front of councils and commissions, glad-handing and smiling are not my strong points. You are very nice people. You have allowed someone to represent you for twenty years, who has done virtually nothing for you at all. I know she attends your picnics and gives out certificates, but she has brought nothing of your taxes back to your communities. You deserve a State Representative who will fight for you in Harrisburg. Everybody in Pennsylvania pays the same income tax. Why should all your taxes be going to pay for an arena in Allentown, while nothing comes back to Danielsville, Egypt, Cementon, and Neffs? If you're happy with just a handshake and smile, keep Harhart. If you want your just share for your hard earned taxes, put me to work for you in Harrisburg.

Editor's Notes: Some abbreviated posts from this blog have become insertions on my campaign site, Mr. Molovinsky Goes To Harrisburg. This is the first insertion which became a blog post. The State distribution and benefit of taxpayer money is a most unlevel, unfair playing field. Some towns, like Cementon, look virtually like they did 50 years ago. Although Harhart may have brought a few dollars back to Northampton and Slatington over two decades, the remainder of the large district received nothing. Today kicks off a more visible campaign on my part, my first radio spots begin. I ask all my readers to please consider a contribution to my unique campaign. Although the public gives lip service to the concept of a non-partisan and issue orientated campaign, getting the message to voters, especially in such a large district, is expensive. Although most of you do not reside in the 183rd District, I assure you that my efforts in Harrisburg will benefit everybody. I ask you to think independently, and contribute through the paypal button on the sidebar. Thank You.

Checks or money orders payable to Michael Molovinsky, designated account, can be sent to Michael Molovinsky, 1636 N. Cedar Crest Blvd., PMB 145, Allentown, Pa. 18104

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