Aug 31, 2014

Why I'm Running For Office

The headline in today's paper is that the Allentown Police Chief's son was arrested for pointing a gun at two detectives. Knowing nothing about the case, I won't comment on the charge, but wish to discuss two background aspects of the story. Allentown voters in 2001 enthusiastically elected former State Senator Afflerbach as mayor, believing that his experience in Harrisburg would be invaluable to Allentown. His contract with the police department was a complete give away of Allentown's treasury. The retirement component was so lucrative that the entire force subsequently retired. It is because of that reality, and the resulting lack of  experience in the remaining department, that Allentown recently hired an out of towner to lead the police department. Today's article tells us that the new chief's 22 year old son is working for the county Corrections Department. We have a former politician that was so embedded with the unions that Allentown had to lease it's water department to remain solvent. Afflerbach is now officially a lobbyist for hire. We have a new city police chief who was able to secure a local county job for his son. I'm running for office with no allegiance to any special interest or other motives, other than the best policy for the citizens and taxpayers. Are you ready for that sort of representation?

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