Aug 22, 2014

The Road To Harrisburg

While I was at a meeting this week fighting for Wehr's Dam, my Democratic opponent was the guest of honor at a Democratic fundraiser, near the dam. Although her main qualification is that she met Michele Obama once, Democrats are working for her, and contributing to her campaign. The Republican incumbent has sent four mailers in the last two months, paid for by the taxpayers. Although she was unopposed in both the primary and general elections last time, she still spent $40,000 on that campaign. I'm presenting the voters of the 183rd District with an historic opportunity, to be represented by the only Independent in the State House. The District is enormous, stretching from Rt. 22 to the Blue Mountain, from Slatington to just north of Bath. I need contributions to help pay for a mailing and other campaigning. I'm asking all the readers of this blog, regardless of where you live, to help out with my unique campaign. State laws effect all residents, regardless of your address. I have installed a paypal button on the sidebar. You can find a conventional mailing address on the about section of my campaign page, Mr. Molovinsky Goes To Harrisburg. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Asyet another edited out news worthy weekend is upon us your blog with this story is the only newsworthy story? Earlier post were not published and this story yet another way of keeping the same old people working politically locally for the true powers that be behind the bigtop circus curtian?

Your story of yet another run for the peoples best intrest is still yet to be told as your efforts are admiriable?

patent pending