Aug 27, 2014

The Cedarbrook Covenant

A current article in The Morning Call describes how Lehigh County Commissioners cut $3million from County Executive Tom Muller's plan to start renovating Cedarbrook, the county nursing home. Apparently, the commissioners felt that the proposed expenditure failed to define how it would improve Cedarbrook's bottom line. There is no bottom line when it comes to the county's responsibility toward it most vulnerable citizens, seniors alone, and in frail health. We provide a highrise prison for the mostly transient criminals among us. We provide a myriad of social services for many able bodied, but unmotivated, among us. Recently, the commissioners approved the elimination of eleven custodial jobs at Cedarbrook, probably reducing the quality of care at the aging facility. Cedarbrook is not a business, but a moral responsibility. I have defended Cedarbrook as a citizen in the past, I will now defend it as an Independent candidate for State Representative.
photograph by K Mary Hess

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