Aug 4, 2014

Politics and Blogging

Easton's mayor Sal Panto and Blogger Bernie O'Hare have had better days. O'Hare had been historically complimentary toward Panto's accomplishments in Easton, and Panto would occasionally comment on the blog. Recently, O'Hare wrote about what he perceived as a conflict of interest in Easton, and Panto took offense. Currently, on Panto's facebook page he writes; What a great weekend in Easton. After a few days of a small group of bloggers tearing us apart and questioning our character, integrity and ethics it was great to be approached by literally a thousand people.

Although Panto may feel that it is his role to cheerlead for Easton, it's O'Hare's mission to be the fourth estate. We are in an era of reduced coverage by the traditional newspapers, and blogger scrutiny is more important than ever.

What would happen if you took a non-partisan, skeptical blogger and had him run for office, you would have me!!  After 20 years of smiles and handshakes by the same person, hopefully the residents of Slatington and Northampton are ready for some real resolve on their behalf in Harrisburg.

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Dreaming of Justice said...

God knows I am.. meaningless gestures..towards the chronically poor working class. many are on food stamps and assistance and they are working nine hours daily. Where are the serious questions going to be confronted by these poseurs?
Where are the living wage jobs, the jobs that could sustain a small family (within a tight budget)? If you do not have a second income in the house you are going to struggle for every bite you may eat.

Where is the true commitment of the narcissists who plotted to plow under the minority neighborhoods and erect out-size Stalinist architecture? Any right-thinking individual can see the only loyalty these Barons hold is to their own wallets.

That five men and their cronies (or human remora fish, take your pick) could essentially own a city is a surreal concept. Now it is our shared nightmare. I'd sell my house to escape it if only the crumbling housing market could ever recover.

No jobs, no bidders. No jobs, no winners.