Jul 14, 2014

Walking On Water

Sundays are a favorite day for park lovers to visit Covered Bridge Park, and enjoy the majesty of Wehr Dam. This particular Sunday, July 13th 2014, provided one of nature's tricks, geese walking on water. Because of the porous limestone creek-bed, during dry periods, the Jordan turns into a Disappearing Stream. Slightly downstream from the dam, the stream bed becomes completely dry, with the water only reappearing past Wehr Covered Bridge. A number of environmentalists have criticized the Wildlands Conservancy for the misinformation they provided to the South Whitehall Commissioners, concerning their plan to demolish the dam. With or without the dam, fish will not be migrating up the Jordan during dry periods, they don't swim well without water. Without the dam, the Disappearing Stream area would be significantly larger, and more pronounced. Please join me next Saturday, July 19th, as we Picnic To Save Wehr Dam, between 12 and 2:00pm at Pavilion #2, Covered Bridge Park.

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Bill said...

This Morning Call article indicates that yesterdays fish kill at the hatchery may have been exacerbated by damn removals upstream: