Jul 3, 2014

Dam Hard Convincing South Whitehall

Last evening I again tried to convince South Whitehall Commissioners that Wehr Dam must be saved, for both historical and aesthetic reasons. Visiting that dam has become a generational tradition for thousands of valley residents. Although the Wildlands Conservancy has not been given explicit permission to demolish the dam, the commissioners have allowed them to continue planning for it's removal. Ironically, last night the commissioners also passed an ordinance creating an historic overlay district, including Wehr Covered Bridge. Had they been willing to add two simple words to the ordinance, and dam, they would have been fulfilling the spirit of the ordinance, not just the letter. At their meeting with the Wildlands Conservancy the commissioners asked how to deal with the residents who might want to keep the dam. The Conservancy replied that they must be educated about the fish and natural habitat. I believe that the commissioners must be educated about the values and traditions of their constituents.


Anonymous said...

Well put Michael!! I am sure many of us (dare I say not all), who follow your blog, are spreading the word on your behalf.
A HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!! to All! Looks like Mother Nature is going to cooperate, starting tomorrow afternoon, for another Beautiful weekend....PJF

Anonymous said...

I fear that the historic overlay district is the cover the commissioners will use to remove the dam.

When you and others point out their lack of concern for the historic dam, they will point to the district as evidence that they care.

michael molovinsky said...

@5:04, at this point, i remain optimistic that as the commissioners learn how much this dam means to so many people, they will protect this important component of the township's history. unfortunately, the morning call did not cover the meeting, in which two other citizens beside myself, spoke on behalf of the dam.

Anonymous said...

Thank you as we approach another edited out weekend and the 4th of July? Your work is a tremendious help and genuine concern for human health and well being?

There is no stopping the sinking ship of allentown MMO? Nor will there be any stopping of the ReNue the valley? As development 101 course on the agenda has not even reached the boiling point of the water yet?

patent pending