Jun 25, 2014

The Train of Lehigh Parkway

With the 15th Street Bridge closed, as people detour over the  Schreibers stone arch bridge,  few will be aware of the industrial past surrounding them. The Barber Quarry railroad branch line crossed the road, just south of the bridge. On the left was the Union Carbine's Linde plant, the concrete loading dock is still visible. Although the last train ran in the early 1980's, the wooden railroad trestle is still there, to the west and south of the bridge. The area is now used as part of the disc golf course. The photograph was taken by Dave Latshaw in 1976, and is part of the Mark Rabenold Collection.

reprinted from April 2013

UPDATE: Although the 15th Street Bridge reopened this past winter, long overdue repairs to Schreibers Bridge have not yet begun.


Anonymous said...

I see JEFF FEGELY being quoted in The Morning Call today with respect to the proposed sale of Queen City airport land.

The same Comrade Jeff Fegely who wrote at this blog not so long ago, "We are all just slaves to the wealthy," or some kind of Marxist crapola like that.

You didn't call him out --- You rode fences and let him get away with his attempt at feel-good Populist bullshit.

Voters notice, whether anybody has the guts to say so or not.


michael molovinsky said...

memory@1:33, do you know that rich and jeff fegley are two different people, neither of which are running for an office. despite my interludes into local history, joe louis era boxing, wpa and occasional holy land pieces, informed allentonians come here first.

Anonymous said...

1:33 pm

We all noticed the feel good bullshit printed by the gag and on mr. Molovinsky's blog? This is almost like calling the kettle black but being in bed with that same kettle?

Just one question about that propagandized gimmic? Who and what organization banked the said monies paid to said housing units? Than there is the question to how substandat was said housing obtained by said parties?

The realestate brokerage is always growing and colluding in allentown pa for the public to be the benifactors? LOL

Blind in one eye and can barely see out the other? In carnival talk don't let one hand know what the other is doing?

I personally would like to thank you Mr. Molovinsky for the pictures and memories, as well as your work as an Independant as that is politically as well as not the same old lame news media conformists of the GAG/WFMZ?

patent pending