Jun 27, 2014

State House of Cowards

Pennsylvania is a State House of cowards. Rather than pass the Tobash Amendment, which would address the state's biggest problem, the underfunded pensions, they will instead sell off the liquor system for a quick one year fix. Simply put, the Tobash Amendment honors all existing pension agreements, but changes the formula to a 401 contribution style for new employees. Your cowards in Harrisburg would rather offend one union, the liquor store employees, than all the public unions. Your cowards in Harrisburg will find a few extra dollars for the public schools after their sellout, and once again be greeted as returning heroes at home. Your elected cowards, and their local partisan supporters, will once again put their talking points for November's election ahead of real solutions for Pennsylvania.

UPDATE: The Republican controlled State Assembly is seemingly cobbling together a budget more cowardly than I predicted, adapting neither of the options mentioned above. Watch them even find a few extra dollars to bring back to their local school districts, but much less than really needed.


Dreaming of Justice said...

The Feudal System is all they want to know here, it seems. Let the rich run the ruins of a great state. There is no need to crush the poor-they're already so far down they'll never get back up.

Dreaming of Justice said...

We ought to cal the present group of do-nothings "empty desks" instead of empty suits..they're wearing very nice attire while they abdicate their responsibilities.

I wonder when the rest of us are going to get mad enough to Think Independently?

Anonymous said...

Now, wait just a minute!

Are you describing our elected Representatives in Pennsylvania, or in Washington?


Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

Corbett won't sign a budget unless the pension issue is dealt with. The current pension proposal is a compromise fix and better than nothing.

doug_b said...

All our elected officials just kick the can down the road - on every issue. They will spend (maybe it's already spent) that money in a flash.

The State Store system (as I remember it) is completely out of date.

Check out this liquor store in Minnesota:


You guys in PA don't even know what you're missing!

michael molovinsky said...

@9:55, corbett had said that either the pension or state store privatization must be passed for him to sign the budget. i believe the the tobash amendment provides a long term solution to the pension problem. unfortunately. the cowards will probably choose the liquor system, denying PA. of one of few dependable revenue streams it has. worse, the state's financial woes will continue, because of the pension problem.

Anonymous said...

It would be unfair not to mention, ACT 120 of 2010 actually DID create several pension changes for teachers. Such that those entering the system already HAVE HAD their future pension amounts reduced.

One can argue those steps did not go far enough. What can't be argued is that something comparable for non-education state employees and elected politicians HAS YET TO HAPPEN.

Let's make our next adjustment there, perhaps?

Fred Windish
ASD pension recipient

Anonymous said...

Echoing the Fred Windish musing (9:38am):
We started on this "slippery slope" towards total State fiscal Chaos many decades ago. Populace apathy to responsible voting (for the most part) and excepting the "status quo" as a compromise is major part of the problem. Both here at home and Federally. Most of here on this blog know the solution lies in becoming more responsibly active American Citizens in the process. As in the case of Michael, in running for public office. For the rest of us, paying more attention in the voting booth, and actively watching who we vote for and holding them responsible for outcomes.
Oh! I'm sorry! That sounds like too much in the way of common sense HA!.....PJF

Dreaming of Justice said...


This is so predictable, it would be amusing, except for the obvious negative impact it's going to have on the ENTIRE state. FIRE them all!