Jun 18, 2014

Presentation To South Whitehall Commissioners To Save Wehr Dam

In their full court  press campaign to demolish the dam, the Wildlands Conservancy stated that the dam is not aesthetically pleasing. This would be a big surprise to the photographers who regularly use the dam as a backdrop to photograph couples and families. It would also be a surprise to the many people who regularly visit the dam to enjoy it's beauty, as generations have done. The Wildlands Conservancy said demolishing the dam is their highest priority, because it's dangerous and detrimental to fish. It's no more dangerous or detrimental than it was 5 months ago, before it became their highest priority. There always have been fish, both above and below the dam. You (the commissioners) have authorized the Conservancy to present options concerning the dam, but their statements reveal that they cannot function as an honest broker in presenting such recommendations.

During the King George Inn controversy last year, the Commission acknowledged the need to protect private historic property. It goes without saying that historic public property deserves the same protection. The park and dam commemorate the history and beauty of the township. I believe that you're entrusted with preserving the traditions of South Whitehall, not facilitating the agenda of the Wildlands Conservancy.

remarks made by Michael Molovinsky to the South Whitehall Commissioners on June 18, 2014

coverage of presentation by The Morning Call

photograph by K Mary Hess


Anonymous said...

Were the others speaking to protect the dam? Was there any response from the Commissioners? When will they make a decision?

michael molovinsky said...

anon@6:09, i appeared by myself, however, i will be sending them a petition, signed by dozens of local residents. besides thanking me for my input, there was no response. i do not know their timeframe for a decision on the dam.

Anonymous said...

"Good on You" Michael! I believe Whitehall Township had a problem with this same Conservancy Group back almost 40 years ago when we lived in Hokendauqua. I would be happy to sign that petition if it would help, as would my wife. Though we live in Allentown for many years now....PJF

michael molovinsky said...

pjf@10:05, just as allentown parks are enjoyed by people from all over the valley, the wehr dam is likewise enjoyed by everyone. i appreciate everyone in the valley signing, regardless of which municipality you live in. the petition can be accessed by clicking on the ADD YOUR NAME icon, located on the sidebar of this blog. thank you

Anonymous said...


Nice write up in the Morning Call.

Dreaming of Justice said...

The old adage in politics was that one letter from a constituent equaled 10 phone calls. One petition with 50+ names ought to be worth 500 persons' opinions.

Keep signing the petition, no matter whether you are a resident of this sad township or not. SOME other voice besides the Wildlands Conservancy must be heard and understood.

BRAVO to you Mr. Molovinsky for standing up for us. SOME one had to, and Someone did.