May 19, 2014

Outpost Molovinsky

The Molovinsky For State Representative Campaign is one month old. The 183rd District is enormous and geographically diverse, but the problems are essentially the same. The district stretches from west of Slatington to just east of Bath, north from Rt. 22 to the Blue Mountain. This economically depressed area has been represented by the same person for twenty years. Although her staff is apparently good at helping people get their driver's license renewed, she is just a seat warmer in Harrisburg. Yesterday, I visited a huge indoor flea market outside Slatington, in the former Keystone Lamp factory. People now scramble to sell their used possessions in the factory where they once worked, welcome to Julie Harhart country. My campaign has established an outpost in Slatington, and is now scouting for the highground in Northampton. Volunteers are still being sought for action tomorrow, gathering signatures on election day. If you're available for duty, please send a comment with your contact information. The application will not be printed, and will only be seen by me.


Dreaming of Justice said...

People talk of change so easily, but never lift a finger to do a thing about it. People gripe about the lack of opportunity and are frustrated but don't make the time to put sweat equity into creating it for themselves. I'm glad to step up and I appreciate those others who have already volunteered to get your petition out there. Working on an independent campaign is tough, and a great experience.

Anonymous said...

As someone who grew up in Slatington but no longer lives there, your analysis of the area is spot on. No one has stood up for these people in years (actually decades) nor any of the same people in the Coal Region.

Dreaming of Justice said...

Just wondering if the Keystone Lamp Factory is now in Philippines.