May 27, 2014

Historic Visit To Israel

Although Pope Francis' visit to Jerusalem captured world headlines, the real history was made by Cardinal Bechara Ra'i, Patriarch of the Maronite Catholic Church, centered in Lebanon. While over 11,000 Maronites live in Israel, it was the first visit by a leader of that church since 1948, when Israel was created. The Patriarch felt compelled by faith to greet Francis in Jerusalem, but while there met with no Israeli officials. Never the less, the visit has been criticized in Lebanon by Hezbollah, for humanizing the enemy. They said that the Patriarch's visit to Jerusalem cannot pass quietly. Let us pray that it does. Here in the Lehigh Valley, there is a Maronite community in Easton.

the Cardinal at a church in Jaffa


Anonymous said...

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michael molovinsky said...

i believe that comment 10:11 is from bill villa. i believe that because his blog is full of very similiar comments about me. i usually get about 2 to 3 such comments every post, totaling in the hundreds, if not thousands. i printed his insult today, because of among his many victims of such harassment, is a maronite priest from easton. to his disgrace, bobby gunther walsh is once again hosting this predator on his radio show.