May 14, 2014

Dinner At Darla's And Why?

This Friday evening I'm going to have dinner at Darla's in Slatington. There's an Op-Ed piece in today's Morning Call by the president of the Northampton League of Women Voters, Beverley Hernandez, which takes Julie Harhart to task for not debating her opponents. "How do we determine who is competent if we are allowed only sound bites and bulk mailings close to Election Day? I do not believe the Founding Fathers meant for career politicians to arrogantly gerrymander election district lines to stay in office and then refuse to come out to debate their challengers." Ms. Hernandez does not mention Harhart by name, but does reference Bill White's recent column, which does.

As a candidate for the 183rd I will make myself available throughout the large district on a regular basis. If you couldn't make it last Friday, I'll be there again this Friday, between 6 and 8 pm. Stop by and say hello.

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Michael Donovan said...

Very pleased with your efforts, Michael