Apr 19, 2014

The Fighting Ramos Brothers

On Friday night I caught up with Steven Ramos at a local hotel. Steven was there to support his brother Robert, who was making his fourth showing as a professional fighter. It was a tough fight, with Robert and his opponent battling to a draw. Before the fighters had even exited the ring, the promoter hinted at a rematch. As tough as that fight was, Steven has a tougher one coming up this November. He will battle the winner of the Democratic primary, either Tatiana Tooley or Peter Schweyer, for the new 22nd State House seat. Steven Ramos is a Republican Hispanic running in a Democratic stronghold. If Steven loses, look for rematches down the road, the Ramos brothers are tough.

The Main Event, a photo by molovinsky

1 comment:

Guy Williams said...

Theres a big lesson to be learned here. Much respect is due Steven because like his brother he will fight even if the odds are against him. Go at it, develop your skills, if ya make mistakes pick yourself up and keep at it. Theres no doubt in my mind 2 qualified contenders will emerge to run in the fall. Then there is the matter of the promoters. Both sides should give it there all with no excuse for lack of support. Get the vote out. What kinda match has 10 people sitting around the ring. The city deserves more than that.