Apr 17, 2014

Jeopardizing Your House for Ocean Spray

Unknown to Lehigh County residents, one of the reasons Ocean Spray moved here was to avoid costly upgrades to their pre-sewer treatment plant. When you're in violation of New Jersey environmental standards, what do you do, you turn to Donny Cunningham. Here in Sap Valley, we invited Ocean Spray with incentives and called it progress. They, along with the other new bottling industries attracted by Cunningham and LCA, will now jeopardize your home. Rather than expand the sewer treatment plant, homeowners are being forced to block their plumbing safety net, their floor drains. Up to a decade ago, floor drains were mandated by code so that if a pipe broke, your home was protected against flooding. Although nothing has ever gone down my floor drain, I must now block it to comply with new regulations. The thinking is that a drop saved here, and a drop saved there from thousands and thousands of homes, can spare the LCA the expense of enlarging the sewer plant, or building an additional one, and still meet EPA standards. Hell, there's even enough capacity left to invite Ocean Spray. Now, if your hot water heater springs a leak, it's tough sh*t for you.


Unknown said...

They buy their H20 from the LCA.
It's all part of a wonderful seamless whole. All the lose ends all tidied up nice and neat!

Rob Hamill said...

Question to Aurel Arndt(LCA head) under sworn testimony in LMT when they were opening the two contested wells to pump 4 million gallons per day from the banks of the Little Lehigh Creek, "We will turn off the water to the residents before we turn the water off to the bottlers if faced with an emergency drought".
Thank you Mike for your spotlight on this issue.

Anonymous said...

"We have all been working like slaves for the wealthy," says Rich Fegley


Molovinsky On Allentown

February 9, 2014


How can I be 100% certain (beyond a reasonable doubt, of course) that OCEAN SPRAY are not more benevolent, more enlightened and more progressive slave masters than the ones I had before they arrived?

Dreaming of Justice said...

Ghastly business, and done in broad daylight. I thought sunlight was the great antiseptic?