Mar 13, 2014

Wildlands Conservancy Duped Public With Farr Road Purchase

For several months readers of the Morning Call have read articles and have been submitted to advertisements soliciting funds to purchase for preservation acreage "adjacent" to the Pool Wildlife Sanctuary. In reality this effort is an disingenuous attempt by several influential people to maintain the view from their houses. The land in question does not abut the Sanctuary or the Little Lehigh Creek, but is separated and isolated by Farr Road, from both these entities. The land in question fronts on Cedar Crest Blvd., and is an island created by Farr Road both entering and exiting Cedar Crest in two spots about 1/2 mile apart, about two miles south of the hospital. The fakers claim "This land is a high-priority conservation area due to its location as part of the Little Lehigh corridor,its proximity to a high-quality cold-water fishery....." Ironically, the big-shots who have organized this effort, do live on the creek and adjoin the Sanctuary, perhaps they should protect the sensitive area and tear down their houses. Shame on both the newspaper and the Wildlands Conservancy for promoting this myth. reprinted from 2007 

UPDATE:   I have learned since I wrote the above piece in 2007 that the Wildlands Conservancy has no shame and few principles.   If the beautiful Robin Hood Dam had been located upstream, behind these properties, it would have been preserved.

Photograph by molovinsky of the former Robin Hood Dam, demolished by The Wildland's Conservancy

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