Mar 24, 2014

molovinsky Blog Posts, A Work in Progress

An associate spends hours writing his blog posts. When he's done he has produced an edited, finished piece. Not here at molovinsky on allentown; The posts are usually written very quickly, very early in the morning. Although they have been described as succinct, sometimes the conciseness leads to misinterpretation. Readers who revisit the post later in the day often find slight word changes, and additions, that clarify the meaning. Likewise, our daytime editor may alter the original photograph chosen to illustrate the post. It's with great pride that we announce that we have hired Beatrice to coordinate all aspects of the production. As always, your readership is appreciated.

An UPDATE on the post about updates: With the hiring of Beatrice, nobody will accuse molovinsky on allentown of age discrimination. Beatrice will handle all comment moderation. Although she retires very early in the evening, be assured that your comment will receive every consideration the following morning.


Dreaming of Justice said...

Looks like my elementary school Librarian! If she is anything like Miss Arnick, you're going to be getting LOTS of red circles and notes all over your monitor.

Anonymous said...

As yet another edited out news weekend has passed I see now why my posts were not posted? As the poster before me she looks similar to two of my grade school teachers? Kindergarden ms Bright and than ms Ruch who was also the librarian when it was near 6th and Washington before the church at twelfth and Hamilton Street burnt to the ground?
aybe this one might be let through?
patent panding