Feb 28, 2014

Republican Party Chairman Blasts County Executive Muller

Yesterday, Democrat Tom Muller gave the state of the union address at Coca Cola Park. The Morning Call today provides good coverage of the speech, with measured rebuttals by Republican Commissioner Mike Schware. Bernie O'Hare, who has made Muller his current pol of choice, posts the speech in it's entirety, as if it were the Gettysburg Address. I only broach the subject to bring you Wayne Woodman's comment from his Facebook page.
The man most responsible for creating a hostile environment blames others. The man who is on the record saying he will resolve our deficit (which he helped create) without hiking taxes is upset that our Commissioners passed a resolution asking him to abide by his promise to voters. Mr Muller is a phony....an ally of the status quo cronies from union bosses to developers looking for a handout. He calls our Reform commissioners terrorists for daring to ask questions and propose solutions. I suppose it's easier to lash out than to actually engage in a deliberate and civil debate. Muller is the poster child for what's wrong and taxpayers will pay his tab.
As Samantha Marcus notes in the Morning Call, it's going to be a combative year at Government Center.


Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't post the speech in its entirety bc I consider it the Gettysburg address. I post it in its entirety so that readers can read it and draw their own conclusions, instead of yours or mine. I often link to or copy matters in their entirety. In my view, that performs a public service, and i have done this with Exec speeches for years. If someone wants to condemn Muller, at least he will have first had the opportunity to read what he actually said.

Anonymous said...

Muller needs to realize the election is over and it's time to govern.

He won, so let him roll up his sleeves and actually get to work for the taxpayers.

His continuous personal attacks are beneath the office that he holds, and won't make things better.

Rob Hamill said...

Muller is simply a nasty man, and his attack comments are symptomatic of his disease. When I addressed the LCA board about not drilling the wells on the Little Lehigh, Muller called me a "despicable liar" as a sitting board member. After I urged the commissioners not to allow LCA to extend their charter last year, Muller threatened me with the sleazy utterance, "You are going to pay big time for this." and walked away. He is a parody of a chicago hood, without the brains.

michael molovinsky said...

rob@4:06, i prefer to write a blog post and not comment, but a disclaimer is in order. rob, although i'm always willing to host your comments, i must clarify that those words belong to you, and not me. although i was critical of muller's campaign mailers last october, he has been courteous toward me whenever I've seen him since the election. we all have our own experiences with people.

Rob Hamill said...

Mike, I fail to see how courteousness towards you mitigates the disrespect he heaps on other commissioners, and the full on attack mode reminiscient of union thug tactics that he is using as Executive. My past experiences with him are looking like a simple proloque to a two bit tyrant. Shouldn't he be trying to fulfill his campaign promises as a seasoned leader who solves problems rather than a whining impotent? Didn't he pledge to keep taxes down before he denigrated those commisioners that asked him to do just that? I sure hope this leopard changes his spots. I hope he surprises me.

Chris Casey said...

I see Wayne Woodman once again spouting B.S. The combativeness started while Don C was Executive. Muller has been in office two months, yet somehow he started it?
I would point out again that the Reformers have not accomplished a single thing since taking office that they promised. My residential property taxes rose because of reassessment that they pushed through. They have yet to repeal the 16% increase they said was unnecessary. Instead they go to war about a few thousand dollars in same sex benefits. I would rather they stop trying to govern with ideology and try practicality. Honesty about the situation would be a start, but they have been dishonest all along, why start now?

Anonymous said...

You want to talk dishonest, Chris? How about trying to say a revenue-neutral reassessment is a tax hike?

Yes, some people's taxes rose. Many others went down. Sometimes the swings were great. That's what happens when politicians wait 21 years between reassessments.

If you are blaming the commissioners for the unanimous, bipartisan vote to reassess, why do you focus only on the "Reformers"? Do you also give them sole credit for lowering the taxes who went down?

The Reformers never said they could lower taxes on their own. One of the four lost in the primary, giving them only three of nine seats. They've needed to find the fourth, fifth and sometimes sixth (to override a veto) votes to cut spending and lower taxes.

If your taxes haven't gone down, which you're likely not honestly upset with, it wasn't because of a lack of effort on the part of the "Reformers".

But all of that is ancient history.

You've got a new executive who seems to have no clue or solutions of his own, and his highest priority seems to be bashing the commissioners. That's not leadership, and doesn't bode well for the taxpayers you pretend to care about.

Chris Casey said...

Dishonest anon? First, sign your name. Second, admit this war of words has gone on for several years. Third, what about the "PLAN" that was going to repeal the 16% tax hike? It takes two to tango, and the two sides in this are engaged in a particularly nasty rhetorical dance.